Bakery Solution Provider BSPWorld has achived a significant position as an innovator, a pioneer and a leader with a unique business model based on addingvalue to grain and grain products - the fundamental staples in human nutrition.

BSPWorld has a passion for developing and perfecting ingredients and additives that enhance the flavor and nutritional value of the breads and baked goods that are indispensible and uniquely enjoyable for mankind.

Bonbake is BSPWorld’s internationally registered brandname for serving all our bakery solutions in all the current and future markets around the globe.

Mission: Provide sustainable solutions for better, healthy, and trustworthy bakery products to make life more enjoyable
Vision: BSPWorld globally adds unique taste to life

  • - is to identify developing and/or developed markets for dough-based products,

    - is to develop the right portfolio of products for all markets,

    - is to improve the quality of the products as well as the consumer expectations everywhere,

    - is to provide partners with value addition in every stage of the production,

    - is to generate continous and thriving businesses for all our suppliers,

    - is to bring bakery products of different customs and cultures together to serve consumers everywhere

  • - To identify the right products either generically or geographically

    - To standardize quality assurance and control the quality at all stages

    - To provide the same competitive advantages to all our partners